Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lost in Las Vegas by Melody Carlson

Back Cover: In a whirlwind, DJ accepts "lonely" Taylor's invitation to join her mom's tour in Las Vegas during Christmas break. DJ soon discovers that the unsupervised Taylor is focused on one thing only- partying with a capital "P". She's invited Eliza too, and DJ is quickly overwhelmed by the behavior of the wild duo. Desperate she calls on Casey for help and prays for a miracle before Taylor self-destructs. It was ok. I must admit I have been reading these ones so fast because they're so short and bigger wwriting compared to the otoher few I read before these last few! But I liked it and everything, and of course I remember the characters and all, I just wasn't as into it for some reason, maybe because of what the whole book was about. It was kinda sad since most of the book was only focused on two of the girls, I know they had the dance at the beginning but that felt like history real fast! haha. And I'm glad Taylor got help, and really fast too, which doesn't seem relaly likley, but hey it could happen. It was really sad DJ was all by herself, but she made and with her prayers she can get through anything. Hopefully the next one will be better, it def sounds better.

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