Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Notes From a Spinning Planet: Mexico by Melody Carlson

Back Cover: Madison Chase's holiday break is drawing to a close and she's eager to leave the gray Washington winter and join her Aunt Sid on a warm vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Maddie is pleasantly surprised when her good friend Ryan McIntire shows up to enjoy the trip with them. But when Ryan runs into his high school crush- the beautiful Shelby Wagner- Maddie's jealously threatens to spoil their sun-drenched days. Unsure of her relationship with Ryan; Maddie distracts herself by befriending a local girl, Francesca Tarrago, who is both intelligent and hardworking, but lives in deep poverty. As Maddie does what she can to help Francesca, she discovers a secret that Shelby has been keeping from all of them. Can Maddie put aside her conflicted feelings and love Shelby enough to help her? Follow Maddie to the romantic beaches of Mexico as she explores a love deeper than simple affection- and discovers the beauty of true sacrifice. Hmm, this was pretty good. I didn't know it was the same girl as the Ireland one, and of course the other one I have from the library too but I got it later on haha. Anyways, it did sound nice to be in Mexico right now, especially with the pina coladas, although I know Shelby def didn't need any more of those. this reminds me of a book I just read! With the alcoholic and they're like on vacation, oh sheezy what book was that. See how fast I forget these things? Ha. Short term memory for me I guess! The cover is really pretty too. I like the suitcase that has the other book titles on it like cut off but you can see what it is basically. Cute idea. Like all the books and travels together on the cover. And Maddie was a great person. She felt what all girls feel! jealousy is a biatch! Hate it, gone through it. Dang it sux. But just gotta be confident and love yourself, no comparing! So she was 20 though, like me! So that was cool. Overall, nice book to read and relax.

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