Thursday, February 4, 2010

Scribbler of Dreams by Mary E. Pearson

Back Cover: Seventeen-year-old Kaitlin Malone was born to hate the Crutchfields. The hatred her family has harbored for generations is the one thing Kaitlin knows she can count on. But with her life turned upside down as she starts her senior year among strangers at a public high school, Kaitlin discovers that even her family's hateful legacy can't steady her- and that hatred and love are sometimes separated by nothing more than a heartbeat. It's young Bram Crutchfield, a gentle and compassionate artist, who wins Kaitlin's heart. And when she tells one lie and then another to conceal her identity to protect their love, Kaitlin is quickly caught up in a web of deceit that threatens to destroy everything she knows and values. In a riveting contemporary love story, Mary E. Pearson explores the strong ties that can bind or break families- and the brave choice that can signal hope for a fresh start. WOW! This was def an amazing and heartbreaking story. Of course it kinda reminds me of Romeo and Juliet but contemporary and also with many more different twists. When I first started reading and Kaitlin met Bram, I had a feeling he was going to be a Crutchfield. But all of her lies, although not good, showed her that the Crutchfields aren't evil, that they share the same pain as her and her family. Sometimes because of thee hatred you feel for someone, you don't look into their lives or their families and see how they have pain too. It was so sad that they hated each other and for what? Kaitlin needed to change that, but her parents wouldn't let her. It was horrible when Rick was at that party. And the feelings she experienced when Bram no longer wanted nothing to do with her felt so strong and realistic. But I'm glad that he decided in the end to try to change for her! This was just an amazing book that tells a story about a young woman who is trying to change, and that change is hard.

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