Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mediterranean Holiday by Kate Cann

Back Cover: Hi Abby, Bet I'm the last person you expected to get a card from. The island is HOT and beautiful and brilliant, but you were 80% right about Davinia. No- 90% right. She's totally self-centered and she's trying to force me to date this CREEP! I'd sooner slit my wrists because I'm in love with someone else. He's gorgeous but he hates me. Aren't holidays supposed to be relaxing?! Abby, I wish we hadn't fallen out. Maybe see you when I get back? Lots of love (honest!), Chloe xxx This book was pretty good. For some reason to me it felt different than the other holiday type books. I think because it was a different type of situation. But dang, Davinia's parents were rude and not good parents, yelling at Chloe and everything. they act like Davinia is all that matters. But I liked how the beginning was like a separate world then the end. Like I remember Davinia and the guy she wanted Chloe to hang with, but then this next world with Alex and Chloe being so happy is what sticks to you and seems like a whole another story! But good book, def wish it was summertime and no school! It'll come fast though I know. and this is only my second book of the new year! Iv'e been sick all this week. But I'll hopefully be getting into a steadier pace, I know I def have lots of books for that though!

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