Monday, January 18, 2010

A Model Summer by Paulina Porizkova

Back Cover: When you are fifteen years old and invited to Paris to give modeling a try, between the moments of glamour, you are still a young girl, alone in a foreign city. But Jirina is determined to make it work. The question is, at what cost? This was def interesting. To follow a young model, to Paris! I must admit that it was not very glamorous, at all! And for some reason I've like read books and the only other language they spoke was spanish, so I pretty much understood all of it, but here they're speaking French I'm like huh? and don't know how to pronounce it in my head haha, but to you it becomes something, to yourself, maybe not to other people. Like how you say someone's name or how you picture a place looking like. But Jirina, still dunno if I'm saying it right in my head, but it's all good. Of course the life of a model looks to be all great and fabulous, ya know I wanted to be a model before, but now not so much. And I wonder if the experiences are actually from Paulina's life or just made up or altered? Because it does say a novel, so I dunno. But it was harsh and brutal, to be a model in Paris. It sounds so great thogh. But she def didn't have that great of a time. But it's good to see the truth and feel how a model does, especially that no all models always think they're gorgeous and they need people to say they are, I guess lots of people are that way. But it was def a good book, took me a while to read because of the pretty small print, but I finished a lot today. But it was worth buying.

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