Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunset Boulevard by Zoey Dean

Back Cover: Starlet Amelie Adam's new movie is being shot on location- at Beverly Hills High. But the drama on-screen is nothing compared to what's happening off-screen. Lights, camera, deception! So this was really good too! It's like reminding me of a good episode of like Gossip Girl or Friday Night Lights where like so much happens in one like book or episode. Like Jake started dating Kady and by the end she's going to Prague to shoot a movie. And with JoJo and Myla being buddies to now like enemies kinda, even though they're sisters. And then with Amelie finally realizing her crush on Jake, Jake still liking her too, but so does JoJo I think! ARG! haha, but it was really good, I still find myself liking it better than the first one because of the diversity I guess and also Myla isn't as bitchy as Cammie, plus Myla actually realizes it at the end, so we'll see what happens because now Amelie is about to be going to their school!

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