Saturday, May 22, 2010

California Dreaming by Zoey Dean

Back Cover: With college just a week away, the private jets are booked, the vintage Gucci steamer trunks packed, and it's time for the A-list crew to say good-bye. Or is it? Sam's headed to USC film school, but when Eduardo offers her a different ending- moving to Paris as newlyweds- will she go completely off-script? Cammie's already living her California dream as the owner of Hollywood's hottest new venue. But will her relationship with Ben, Tinseltown's reigning nightlife prince, last? Anna's lifelong dream of Yale no longer feels like a fantasy, and with a one-way ticket to Bali from new love Logan in her pocket, her future is wide open. There are only a few precious days left in L.A, and it's time for everyone to choose what their futures will hold. Only one thing is certain: Wherever they go, they'll always be on the A-list. I def would say that I like reading these books, but not as much as I used to! Also kinda annoying is always saying what they;re wearing like the brands and stuff I'm like I have no idea what all this means! Haha, but it's still fun to read, just not as entertaining as before, ya know? But I'm about to read the first two of her other series so we'll see how those characters are cuz I still really like Sam and Anna in these books, but def not Cammie who is a big bitch! So yeah! haha

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