Monday, May 31, 2010

Scandal by Kate Brian

Back Cover: After her terrifying Caribbean vacation, Reed can't wait to get back to campus and resume her normal life of classes, shopping trips with the Billings Girl, and late-night gossip sessions. But when she arrives at Easton, she gets the shock of a lifetime. Billings House is gone. The administration has razed the scandal-rocked dorm and separated the Billings Girls. Outraged, Reed takes immediate action, turning Billings into a secret literary society- with a whole new set of rules. Eleven spots are open to any girl strong enough to endure initiation. Every girl on campus wants in, and it's up to Reed to pick the best and brightest. And only the strongest will survive... This book I felt was one of the better ones, but also not for the same reason. Because it wasn't as fast paced, or like not as many deadly things happened as others like Reed always being targeted and someone getting killed. There were def some intense moments though. And another new headmaster! This new secret society sounds cool and all, but of course it brings trouble. I really liked the ending because it leaves you hanging, just like all the other ones. Who in the world took Noelle? And so you just know the next book is gonna be really good cuz they're gonna have to find her and figure out wth is going on! I hope the series doesn't end soon!! I feel like it won't though because Reed isn't a senior but we'll see. Def can't wait for the next even though I know I did read this super fast!!! Sadly haha.

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