Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hollywood Royalty by Zoey Dean

Back Cover: Some people are born with it. Meet the new Hollywood Royalty: Amelie, the not-so-innocent starlet; Myla and Ash, the golden couple; Jacob, the geek turned hottie; and JoJo, the outsider who'll do anything to get on the A-List. I thought that this book was better than the first A-List! Don't get me wrong, I liked the characters in the first series, but these ones just seemed a lot more diverse and interesting and covered more types of people. The first one, all of them were rich and wore nice clothes and were already integrated in the business, besides Anna but it didn't take her long and she was rich too. This was alot different, plus being updated a little bit, like with the technology and what they do in the book. I think it's cool that JoJo has two dads. And she's trying to be in the A-List but of course she finds out her parents are actually this rich couple who has a daughter Myla who is jealous and then breaks up with Ash, who JoJo starts to like but he just wanted Myla to be jealous. Then there's Amelie, the fairy princess, which is kinda weird, but I'm thinking she's the one on the cover cuz the pink dress and red hair? But she's all innocent but then really likes Hunter, but her tutor Jacob who was a geek and is now hotter likes her. I felt so bad for him! He likes her and she just wants Hunter. And yeah ha but I'm about to read the next one now! I also really like the dresses on the front and back covers!

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