Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Three Wishes by Isabelle Merlin

Back Cover: When Rose creates a blog for an English assignment, she doesn't realise it will change her life. An elegant stranger arrives to announce that Rose has an aristocratic French grandfather who would like to meet her. Rose arrives in France to find that her grandfather lives in a magnificent castle. Utterly enchanted, she grows to love her new life- and Charlie, a charming boy who is equally besotted with Rose. But as Rose begins to delve deeper into her family's past, her fariytale turns into a nightmare. Who is friend? Who is foe? Someone wants her dead. And she must find out who before the wish comes true! This was def a creepy book, but really good. I especially liked it because she was writing it all out in a diary, which means me, the reader, I don't know whose the bad guy! A lot of times it's a different point of view and they write a different scene with the bad guy so you know and it's suspenseful because you don't want the main character to fall for it or get killed or anything. This time, you didn't know! But I think it was set up for you to think it was Paul who did it, when in fact it was Charlie, and that def is scary how he could be so nice and charming and then be so evil and twisted, I mean wow, thats scary and probably pretty realistic too. But it was kinda of like an old fairy tale but made into something new and modern especially with the blogging. Which I must say was an awesome idea because there is actually a real blog for Charlie when he called himself Koschei I think it was and one for Rose too. I gotta check em out, but that's def a really creative idea that's for sure, so I love that! and Rose is just an innocent girl being corrupted by these men and has no idea who is doing what and neither do we. Of course they don't even tell you until a few pages later who the villian was when she gets rescued by that one guy forgot his name ha. But it was def good and had me creeped out since it wasn't like so over the top but something that could happen and is just kinda freaky and scary so I loved it!

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  1. how does the book end because i didnt get to read it, who is aaron.


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