Sunday, April 11, 2010

Posh and Prejudice by Grace Dent

Back Cover: When sixteen-year-old Shiraz Bailey Wood's year-end test results come in, she's astonished to discover not only that she passed them all, but that she's actually clever! Emboldened by an invite to higher-level classes, Shiraz enrolls in Superchav Academy's "Center of Excellence" to get even brainer. Hanging with goody-two-shoes types in higher-level classes seems like just the ticket to avoid getting stuck forever in her crap hometown. But Shiraz gas to figure out for herself: Are these posh types really any better than she is, or do they just want to stick up their noses at everyone? This was a funny boo, I read the first one last year sometime and the way she talks is just like wth? I like the glossary in the back though, fun times. I wonder if some people really use those words and talk that way? hmm, but it's a good story about Shiraz Bailey Wood who is getting a higer education and not so sure about it. I like how they did the Increase the Peace campaign thing but so sad no one cares, I bet that's the case lots of places where there's a lot of crime or perceived to have a lot of crime. But she's so funny, but so bad she cheated on Wesley, and then Joshua did not treat her well. Saying crap about not wanting to do nothing or get her nothing for Valentine's day. I bet he was with that other girl Claudia. Ha, and I love the other descriptions of the characters and the stuff they do. It just cracks me up, but it so realistic and I do like that part. Another thing is, on the cover I think she's holding her hands really weird. Like I guess showing off her bling? But it just looks funny and unnatural to be that way. Anyways, the book was good, not something deep just a fun read.

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