Thursday, December 23, 2010

Let Them Eat Fruitcake by Melody Carlson

Back Cover: It's the holiday season, and each of the roommates at 86 Bloomberg Place is a little blue. Megan has a difficult boss, and now her mom is going on vacation to Mexico, leaving Megan alone for Christmas for the first time ever. Lelani can't afford fly home to Hawaii and isn't sure she'd be welcomed anyways, not that she can admit that to anyone. Anna's old boyfriend- the one who cheated on her- has sailed back into her life, just when she's met a for-real "nice guy" she's been keeping secret from her largem crazy Latino family. And Kendall's met a famous actor, who might be the answer to her money woes- if she could only convince him she's the love of his life. Thank goodness God's around to listen when the girls need help! Let's face it, relationships are hard work- whether they're with family and friends, coworkers and customers, or boyfriends and girlfriends. And when you've got your first house, a real job, and grown-up responsibilities, too, relationships are loaded with confusion, emotion, and secrets you can't tell to anyone but God, let them eat fruitcake captures al the uncertainty and joy of being twentysomething in pitch-perfect detail- and the stories of these four girl just might sound like someone you know.

Melody Carlson writes some awesome books. I didn't even know I was going to get this book I just went to the library and then it was in the Christmas section and I said I wanted to read a few Christmas books, so I got this one and another one! And it was good. Not amazing like some others, but I still enjoyed reading it, but I must say that Anna and Kendall are the crazy ones. When Kendall all lied to her parents about marrying this guy she met and lieing about getting a house in the neighborhood that famous guy was at and he didnt even like say anything about wanting her there, like wth! And then Anna being all pissed off at Lelani even though she knew that Jake was a snake! Arg haha but it was a good book and nice for them because they all had troubles and for all of them to let it out and be there for each other makes you so much closer and have awesome friendship that's for sure. But it was fun to read and I enjoyed it.

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