Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Will Always Love You by Cecily von Ziegesar

Back Cover: It finally happened: we went to college. We started over. No one knows who we've coveted, what we scored on our SATs, where our parents live, or when we became debaucherous. We've changed. Or at least, some of us have. But old habits are hard to break- especially when faced with your former besties and former flames. With everyone back in the city for the holidays, this break is guaranteed to be filled with makeups, breakups, and shakeups.

This book was good, but not one of my favorites. It was confusing at first because it kept being Christmas like what? but then I was like oh this is the next year, so it was kinda cool to see and compare the differences that each person had with relationships and everything like Blair dating Pete, then dropping it for Nate, then Pete again, then Pete thinks she's with Nate cuz he crawls into bed with her then the next year she's with Chuck! Which I wonder has anything to do with because in the tv show she's with Chuck? Interesting. and it's like all these relationships when they're with the one they love it doesn't work ou and they go with someone else but then always thinking about the other one they were with. So there were a lot of hook ups let's see if I can name them all. Blair and Pete. Serena and Dan. Vanessa and Dan. Vanessa and Hollis. Jenny and Nate. Blair and Chuck. Blair and Nate. Serena and Nate. Who knows! haha but anyways, it was alright. Not as intesne for me, maybe because it was just same time of year for three parts of the book, but still work me buying, have to complete the collection! and waited one year just for the paperback!

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