Friday, March 26, 2010

Dracula by Bram Stoker

Well, once again the back of this book is not a summary so I'll explain myself! This was for english class: Jonathan Harker goes to Count Dracula's castle, with warnings from everyone to not go there. He ends up realizing that he is being held captive while Dracula is pretending to go out and be him. He sees these three weird sisters that he desires, but Dracula saves him. He is then put into a mental hospital because he has brain fever. Meanwhile, Lucy, and her recent husband Arthur, aren't doing too well because she's having dreams and sleepwaking. she actually gets bit by Dracula and Dr. Seward brings in his friend Van Helsing. Van Helsing actually knows a lot of things and kind of doesn't tell anyone his suspicions. Lucy soon dies. They have to put a stake through her heart and chop off her head and full her mouth with garlic so as her not to keep going on and killing little kids since she also became a vampire. They all come together and hunt down Dracula by putting sacred wafers in his different boxes of dirt. He ends up getting to Mina, who is Jonathan's wife, and they're in a hurry to save her innocence. They chase after him and end up killing him at the end! Sooo this was actually a really good book I might consider keeping. It's really suspenseful and gets pretty scary actually especially if you're reading it at night. the language isn't hard to read and it's really suspenseful. Did I already say that? yes ha. Well it's good. It def sux since I already know Dracula is a vampire because if I didn't know then it'd be much more of a weird horror and Gothic book, but excited cuz this is the last time we have to write a paper!!! woot woot

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