Friday, August 20, 2010

The Tiara Club by Beverly Brandt

Back Cover: Georgia Elliot grew up in a small Gulf town full of Southern charm- and a superefficient grapevine- so the few secrets she's managed to keep are precious. A second-generation beauty queen, Georgia has one secret in particular she'd like to keep from her controlling society mama, and so turns to women she knows she can trust: the Tiara Club. All the members are pageant veterans, but they've just admitted one woman who doesn't fit in- a Yankee who's never taped her breasts or smeared glue on her butt. And the Tiara Club is determined to help this outsider win the coveted Shrimp Queen crown. Add in an impending wedding and the club's attempts to keep Georgia's secret, and the women of the Tiara Club have all they can do to hold on to their pose, their friendships, and their sense of humor.
This was a really great book that I just randomly picked out from the library because of the cover! haha love it. It was funny, sexy, emotional, and kinda foreign with all that southern type stuff, but it's funny to learn about all that and I really like the story line. I haven't read a book like it before. But there def were a lot of secrets between Georgia and her mom! Ones that they held for a long time, which is crazy. I don't think I even have any secrets and if I do, none that big!! But I really liked this book, it was diff and it great! haha

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