Sunday, August 29, 2010

Demon Princess Reign or Shine by Michelle Rowen

Back Cover: Nikki didn't think her life could get any more complicated after she moved to the dreary town of Erin Heights- fitting in at a new school while navigating the social scene was stressful enough. But when her sixteenth birthday rolls around, she's visited by a mysterious stranger, Michael, who tells her that her long-lost father is actually the demon king of the Shadowlands- the dimension that protects our world from the Underworld and Hell. Maybe it's because she's in shock, or maybe it's because Michael is seriously cute, but Nikki follows him into the Shadowlands. There she learns about her half-demon powers, about the potential war between the SHadowlands and the Underworld, and that her father wants her to assume the throne- forever. Not to mention that her growing crush on Michael is completely forbidden... Ruling a kingdom, navigating a secret crush, and still making it home by curfew- what's a teenage demon princess to do?
This was def something different! I like it though because of that reason. It's funny and has a good story line, although the Shadowlands does remind me of that other series which I'm about to read the latest book that came out, totally forgot the name but anyways. This book I wouldn't mind reading the next one because it's interesting and it's still current and of course everyone loves the forbidden love right? always want what ya can't have! Also the cover is great with the little horns and everything. Def a cool idea though to be a demon princess. You wouldn't normally put those two together! I like Michael and Nikki together though, like father like daughter since he was the one who married and had a kid with a human and broke the laws! not like no one ever breaks the laws jeez. But yup I liked it and will try to read the next one if I remember to get it at the library! if not a nice read, fast but good. :]

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