Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sweet Deceit by Kate Brian

Back Cover: Ariana Osgood has been tapped for Stone and GRave, Atherton-Pryce Hall's most exclusive secret society. But so has her arch-nemesis, Kaitlynn. they go head-to-head during Hell Week, but Ariana has worked too hard for her luxe life at APH to give it up without a fight. When the competition turns deadly, only one girl will walk away from it alive...
WOWWW!! Arianna just keeps killing people omg! She's so crazy, she like doesn't even care no heisitation or nothing jeez! So I just started this book and it's already done! Because it's so riveting and I wanna know what's coming next. She just keeps coming up with these crazy plans, but they work. And that means Kate Brian comes up with them and they're def clever but she def keeps the books coming in this series and the private one! But anyways, this book was def crazy because she killed Kaitlyn and then Kiran! Who was one of her really good friends, not her enemy. And there was Noelle on the phone. But I wonder if Kiran's death will be in the other private book! Cuz I don't know the time line comapred for both of em and I don't remember if she was in Paradise Lost or not? But that's crazy. Who knows what's gonna happen next! I did sort of forgot what was going on in the beginning but then man another death of Brigit! All these killings jeez, is there like an age minimum for these books? haha But I def gotta go look at the website cuz I guess there's some like mini series or something for the private books but not sure for the privilege ones but def can't wait for the next book in the series!

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