Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gravity by Leanne Lieberman

So, this book was pretty interesting. It's about this girl whose Jewish. Her name is Ellie. She goes to this cottage over the summer and starts to fall in love with this girl named Lindsay. She's trying to stop it because it's not right in the Torah. She's "supposed to" get married to a boy. She's really scared by it. She goes back home, and doesn't see Lindsay for a while. Then they start hanging out, and Ellie sees that Lindsay wants her too. Ellie is still trying to prevent from thinking about her still so she tries to memorize different scientific terms. It doesn't really work. While this is going on, her sister Neshama is being rebellious and doesn't agree with any of their parents rules and the religion. She eventually finds out about Ellie and Lindsay. Ellie then starts to pretend to say her prayers. She secrectly goes to Lindsay's house every Tuesday and Thurday, but then near the end she sees Lindsay going in the car witih another guy after they see each other and she just decides to stop seeing Lindsay. Her mother tells her that God is like gravity, which is how the book got its name!

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