Thursday, February 26, 2009

Girls Under Pressure by Jacqueline Wilson

Ellie thinks she'sfat. Her friends Nadine and Magda, to her, are perfect skinny girls. While Nadine tries to become a model, Magda is being overlooked by her younger sister. Ellie starts to see that she's fat! She starts calling herself names and trying to stop eating. It's really hard sometimes for her to stop eating so she goes and eats a huge meal, the realizes how many calories she's consumed and goes and throws it up. She starts to go swimming in the morning before school and sees one of her old friends Zoe, who looks EXTREMELY skinny, yet still complains about being fat. Ellie promises she won't get like that, but she does. Her friends tell her she's losing weight and looks fine. Zoe ends up going to the hospital where Ellie goes to visit her. She sees her curled up really tiny, and decides she can't become like that. She decides she likes herself for her, even if she thinks she's fat, she's really not. This book made me more understand how some girls feel about their body. It's really sad how common something like this probably goes on all the time. I can't imagine living without food, i love food! Yes, I have my doubts sometimes, but I couldn't give it up. I wish I could give all those girls this book and let them see what they're doing to themselves.

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